The Mascot

Wolfi - The Mascot

Dear delegates, participants and accompanying persons,

my name is Wolfi and I’m the official mascot of the 13th World Congress of Music
Therapy in Krems an der Donau. Let me shortly introduce myself. I was born in Salzburg and spent my whole life in Krems with my parents. I really enjoyed my childhood in Austria, since this is the place where I found my enthusiasm for music. After many years of studying and practical experiences, I finally became a  music therapist. Sharing my passion is essential for me, therefore, I am really proud to be the official mascot of this exceptional congress. I am looking forward to welcome you in Krems in order to experience an exciting time together!

Signature Wolfi



Wolfi’s Profile

Name: Wolfi
Surname: Bear
Age: 38 years
Weight: 200 gr
Height: 15 cm
Nationality: Austrian
Civil Status: Single
Passion: Classical Music
Favorite Music: Eine kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart
Favorite Food: Tafelspitz and Apfelstrudel
Favorite Drink: Spritzer
Favorite Movie: Don Giovanni
Favorite Color: Red